Elite Combat Defense Tactics
Located in Lake Wylie, SC ECDT provides Practical self defense training for real world situations.                 Call Us at: 803.746.7176

Elite Combat Defense Tactics also referred to as Combat Martial Arts (CMA) is the training in practical self defense using MMA and fighting/escape techniques that work in real world situations.  Our Chief instructor has defined the program through decades of training in mixed martial arts building our CMA program applying the best techniques of each art to real world situations. We believe that self defense is a critical life skill achievable by all genders and sizes.

Through the use of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) we train our students to use the proper techniques for the proper situation. Our system has three levels starting with the learning of a solid foundation of punches, elbows, knees, kicks and escape techniques.  We then build upon that foundation teaching advanced fighting, escapes and submissions.  Our main focus is insuring that each student feels comfortable with escaping, defending and countering attacks made against them.  Our instructor led courses includes:

  • Pad work - Pad work is important to us allowing students the ability to focus on their targets and technique during the throwing MMA combinations.
  • Bag work - Body Opponent Bags (BOB), Body Action System (BAS), Grappling Dummies, and Heavy Bags are used during our classes to practice our combinations, techniques and increase our power.
  • Partner work - Escape techniques are taught with partners to properly practice self defense escapes in a realistic manner.
  • Sparring - Two classes a week we give the option to students to engage in controlled kickboxing, MMA and jiu jitsu sparring with partners applying all that they have learned in class.
In Addition to learning a life skill MMA training gives each participant a challenging workout. As students increase in Levels the workout intensity increases.  This allows all people to start and progress without being overwhelmed.  You do not need to be in shape to start!

Classes and Courses
See our Self Defense Class or Courses page for more details

  • Combat Defense - Multiple classes daily teaching and training in our ECDT program.
  • She'Strong - A 12 week Women's Self Defense course specifically designed for teaching Women self defense tactics against assaults
  • Bully Defense Classes - Classes available 5 days a week teaching young people how to prevent bullying and if needed how to defend themselves
  • Home School Classes - Classes available for home schooled children giving them a martial arts experience while getting their required Physical Education credits
  • G.U.T.S. Class - Once a week class focused on self defense against attacks with weapons. Training is focused on defending, disarming and countering attacks with weapons.

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